It is harder to understand our true nature as an infinite spiritual being of the universe with our intellect.

It is easier when experienced.

The best way to experience it is through meditation.

But what is meditation anyway?

Meditation is mind training. Simple, but not easy!

It is a practice to get to know our own thinking mind and to know we are not it.

We are the space between our thoughts, the awareness, the observer of our thoughts.

This first thing we discover is that our mind is ever moving, like the ocean!

It is always in the past or future!

It is full of distractions!

A common name for our mind is monkey mind! We all have a monkey mind!

We need to train our mind so it becomes our servant instead of our master, as Osho said!

The mind exists as a servant of the soul, as Yogi Bhajan said!

It can seem like the most difficult, most boring, most impossible thing to do at first!

It certainly felt that way for me the very first time I attempted such a practice!

I will remember always!!

I was the most unhappy person I knew back then.

I thought if I could only get to know my mind, it would solve all my imagined problems.

So I went all the way to Thailand to a monastery for a 10 days meditation retreat.

The day after I arrived I left the monastery because this meditation practice was the hardest, most difficult, most boring, most impossible thing I ever attempted!! I felt devastated!!

That was quite a radical way to approach this ancient and now scientifically proven practice.

There is a more gentle and gradual way to learn to meditate.

No need to go to the other side of the world to do so.

We can learn meditation right here, right now.

Before meditation, there is concentration.

There are many ways to develop our concentration. I started learning this way:

  • Start in a comfortable position, sitting on the floor or in a chair
  • Close your eyes
  • Keep your spine straight and your body relaxed
  • Start by mentally counting your breath from 1 to 10:
  • Inhale mentally repeating 1, Exhale mentally repeating 1
  • Inhale mentally repeating 2, Exhale mentally repeating 2
  • And so forth all the way up to 10.
  • Then count back down from 10 to 1:
  • Inhale mentally repeating 10, Exhale mentally repeating 10
  • Inhale mentally repeating 9, Exhale mentally repeating 9
  • And so forth all the way down to 1.
  • If you get lost in your count, and you will, perfect, you are normal, no judgment, start over from the beginning
  • This is the process of training your mind
  • Repeat this process. It gets easier with a daily practice. It also gets fun and it is very relaxing!

Are you normal? Do you have a monkey mind? Lovely 💜