This Life is a Joy!

I share with you the table of content of this book: The Seven Pillars of Truth


1- This Instant Is Love

Love is always present.

The only thing missing is my awareness of Love’s presence.

I had no awareness of such a Love before I was diagnosed with MS.

Now, day by day, I am falling more in love with Life!


2- This Being Is Light

I am an infinite spiritual being having a finite human experience.

I am a vibration. I am a Soul.

I sure had forgotten about my Soul.

Now I am remembering WHO I am and WHOSE I am!


3- This World Is Consciousness

There is an Infinite Loving Intelligence guiding and orchestrating this whole Universe.

This Life is intelligent and loving!

The Universe has my back.

I was asleep.

Now I am waking up to such a powerful partner in my Life.


4- This Idea Is Substance

There are so private thoughts in this Universe.

Our thoughts become things.

They are as real as anything we see with our eyes.

I was not aware I was constantly talking to myself.

Now I stand guard at the portal of my mind, as Emerson says.


5- This Relationship Is Oneness

We are all one and the same.

We are much more alike than we are different.

On the surface we may seem different;

At our core we are the same.

I thought we were all in competition,

Now I know we are here to collaborate.


6- This Journey Is Surrender

Life is in charge. We don’t make Life happen.

We can give up our illusion of control and surrender to this loving presence.

I thought I had to control everything,

Now, day by day, I aim at surrendering to Life!


7- This Life Is Joy

When we were babies, we were Joy.

We might have forgotten.

I sure have.

Now I am in the process of remembering the simple JOY OF BEING!


May the Joy and Magic of the holidays infuse every moment of your Life 💖


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