As we embark on this journey, first we remember the truth of

WHO we are and WHERE we are.

We are infinite spiritual beings of the universe having a finite human experience.

We are a soul. We have a personality.

Our personality can be all that we think we are.

It can be the only thing we know about ourselves.

This was certainly the case for me before this diagnosis of MS came as a wake-up call.

I thought I was separate from my body, separate from life, separate from everyone.

I thought I had nothing to do with my body, with my thoughts, with my life.

I am realizing that in fact I am at the center of my own experience.

We are a vibration living in a vibrational universe.

Everything is energy. We live in a sea of energy.

  • We don’t breathe ourselves.

We are being breathed every moment.

We can choose to breathe consciously. This brings us back in the present moment.

Our only point of power lies in this present moment.

  • We don’t make our heart beat.

We don’t digest our food.

We don’t make our hair grow.

There is a life force in us and all around us and it is doing it all for us.

There is a loving intelligence in us and all around us giving us life every moment.

  • We don’t make ourselves think. Thinking happens all the time.

Whether we want to or not. Whether we are aware of it or not.

Our power lies in choosing our thoughts.

Nothing matters more than what we are thinking right now.

How we feel informs us of what we are thinking.

There is a loving intelligence guiding us, loving us, supporting us.

There is a power giving us life, giving us our every breath.

We are miracles.

If you don’t believe in miracles, perhaps you have forgotten you are one.

The first nine months of our lives everything was done for us.

This love and support does not stop when we are born.

It is ever-present. Life is ever-present to love us, support us, guide us.

Inhale fully.

Exhale completely.

Let us remember and be grateful.

Inhale deeply.

Exhale. Let go.

Let us remember and be humble.

Love is in us and all around us.

Love is in our every breath.

Who are you? 💜