Release Stuck Emotions with Writing!

When we are feeling an emotion, it is only a part of us that is feeling that emotion.

We are much MORE THAN an emotion.


However, sometimes it can feel like every part of us is feeling that emotion. Because the emotion could be really overwhelming it can feel like we are only the emotion.


During my holistic bodywork training we also learned a technic to release an emotion when we are really stuck and feel overwhelmed by this emotion.

The emotion can feel like a prison and nothing else seems to exists.

It can become our identity.


When we feel an emotion is bigger than us, we can practice the following exercise to get out of the prison that the emotion represents.


First we set a time everyday at the same time to listen to the emotion.

We choose the same time everyday because our UNCONSCIOUS MIND likes habits.

We pick a time when we know we won’t be disturbed.


Secondly, we write whatever comes to mind without censoring ourselves.

We let the emotion completely free to express itself. We listen to what the emotion has to say.

If the emotion arises during the day, outside the scheduled time, we tell it to wait for the designated time.

We honour our commitment by showing up for that appointment.


We do this listening and writing exercise for at least 20 minutes, up to 40 minutes, everyday.

We don’t read our writings; we just burn or destroy the paper once we are done and thank our UNCONSCIOUS MIND.

We can do this exercise for two weeks or for as long we feel overwhelmed by this emotion.

This is going to help express and release the imprisoning emotion.


Set yourself free from the past by liberating limiting emotions from your body. 💜

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