Deep in the heart of our body flows our Life force.

It moves up and down our spine through our energy centers called our Chakras.


Before this diagnosis of MS, I did not know everything is energy.

Thoughts are things. They carry energy.


I did not know I had the power to NOTICE my thoughts.

I did not know I had the power to CHOOSE my thoughts.


Now I know those powers were given to us.

They are our birth rights. They are gifts!

We can NOTICE our thoughts.

We can choose to entertain a disempowering thought.

We can choose to entertain an empowering thought.

We can CHOOSE.


All human beings had a fundamental wound at the beginning of their life.

It is one of the well known wound: abandonment, rejection, non recognition, betrayal, abuse, humiliation, injustice and the obligation to be happy.


This wound is physical and unconscious. It is attached to our Life force.

This fundamental wound creates in us the impulse to die.


Tensions or protections get installed around this fundamental wound.

They make it so we don’t feel the pain of our fundamental wound.

They get installed in layers, one on top on the other.


Anytime we notice a thought or have a feeling that relates to any one of these wounds, we can love and heal ourselves.

We can give our inner child what he or she needs.


*Loving yourself is not abandoning yourself.

Loving yourself is being present to yourself. It is developing a sense of your own presence. It is finding a sense of security within yourself.


*Loving yourself is not rejecting yourself and not judging yourself.

Loving yourself is welcoming and embracing yourself completely as you are. Loving yourself is accepting all the different parts of yourself. It is accepting your strengths and weaknesses.


*Loving yourself is recognizing yourself.

It is recognizing your very own existence. It is acknowledging all that you are, all that you do and all your accomplishments. It is recognizing all of who you are.


*Loving yourself is not betraying yourself.

Loving yourself is being committed to yourself. It is having confidence in yourself and trusting in yourself.


*Loving yourself is not abusing yourself physical or mentally or both.

Loving yourself is being kind to yourself and being gentle with yourself.


*Loving yourself is not humiliating yourself.

Loving yourself is respecting yourself. It is honoring your very nature and your self identity.


*Loving yourself is not being unjust with yourself.

Loving yourself is treating yourself with justice and fairness.


*Loving yourself is not forcing yourself to be happy.

Loving yourself is allowing yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling in this moment. It is allowing yourself to be yourself.


Can you end the trance and wake up to your powers of NOTICING and CHOOSING?

Can you develop your INNER LOVING PARENTS to heal your INNER CHILD?

All this child needs is your LOVE! πŸ’œ

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