“What if my immune system did not try to kill me by destroying my myelin?

What if, instead, my immune system tried to save me from me?”


That was an interesting insight I had at the beginning of my holistic body work training in 2013!


A year or so latter I read this quote in Louise Hay and Ahlea Khadro’s book

“Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts & Food? The Ultimate Diet”:


“Metaphysically, we feel that inflammation and chronic disease are really about your body loving you enough to give you a wake-up call.

It’s an invitation to listen to your body and return to a state of self-love.”


My insight on my immune system saving me from me began to make more sense!


I grew up the first 10 years of my life in Africa.

Sanitary concerns are not an obsession like it is here the western world.

They are a luxury very few can afford.


All my life I had been very rarely sick, having developed such a strong immune system from growing up in a third world country.


Lately I came across the medical concept of the Hygienic hypothesis.

This describes how by trying to eliminate germs, bacteria and such from our environment we also prevent our immune system to develop strong.


It is actually a fact today that poor countries have a lower rate of auto-immune disorder.


So I knew that I did not have a weak immune system!

Actually it is quite the opposite!

When I was diagnosed with MS, I could not believe that suddenly my immune system had turned on me, attacking my nervous system.

I did not know what was happening?

But I could never believe I had a week immune system!

Not after growing up in Africa!


What do you believe about your immune system?

Your belief is what matters!


Our beliefs literally create our reality! 💜