We can purposefully connect with our intuition.

Practicing heart-brain coherence allows us to do so.

Heart-brain coherence is deep intuition on demand!

It is said that the longest journey we will ever take is from our head to our heart!

I began that journey! I was all in my head! I thought my heart was my greatest weakness. I am learning to tap into my greatest power: my heart!

There is actually a little brain in the heart! The heart possesses its own intrinsic nervous system, containing over 40 000 sensory neurons. The magnetic field emitted from our heart is stronger than the one from our head!

Our brain and our heart are constantly communicating with each other. This is a two-way communication: through the vagus nerve and through the spinal cord. We can learn to make them work together by harmonizing them.

There are three steps required to practice heart-brain coherence:

#1 Move our attention from our head to our heart!

To make sure we really move our awareness to our heart and not just think about it, we physically touch our heart center. We can do that by:

  • putting the palm of our hand on our heart, or
  • putting our hands together in prayer pose with our thumbs touching our chest, or
  • putting a finger on our chest.

This turns our attention inward.

#2 Practice slow deep rhythmic breathing through our heart area by:

  • inhaling for the count of 5;
  • exhaling for the count of 5.

This tells our body we are safe. It activates our parasympathetic nervous system and awakens the healing life-giving chemistry for more than 13 000 bio-chemicals of our immune system, our cardiovascular system and our anti-aging hormones.

#3 Generate a feeling of care, appreciation, gratitude or compassion for anything or anyone.

Once we establish this harmonized connection between our heart and our brain, now is the time to ask a question to the wisdom of your heart and to access our deepest truth.

First we listen to the answer. The answer could be a sensation in our body or words we hear or whatever else for you. I get a voice inside, or shivers in my body.

Then we honour this wisdom by following it.

We can practice anytime: morning, night, before an important conversation, when we want to show some love to our body, and more. Practicing for only 3 minutes produces benefits that can last for up to six hours!

Heart-brain coherence not only allows us to tune into our intuitionIt also allows us to tap into our creativity and our resilience to change. It also enables us to access our subconscious mind.

I learned this way of practicing with Gregg Braden, a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, on his blog:


and on his interview on the Hay House World Summit 2017:


This scientific institute helps us all reconnect with our heart


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