It is essential we listen to our intuition. But to listen is not enough.

Listen to your intuition!

We need to follow our intuition.

To follow our intuition is no easy step. It certainly was not for me!!

It takes tremendous courage to follow our intuition.

It is a challenge to go against our own reason and against other peopleโ€™s opinion.

I had to educate myself to learn the value of following my intuition.

It sure spoke to me, through my body, through a voice inside, through my environment.

I am learning to listen to life speaking to me.

I am learning to listen to me.

Our intuition could be the opposite of what our rational mind would think.

Our intuition could also be the opposite of what our conditioning would think: our family, our culture, our society.

It can be really scary to step into the unknown!

It can generate a lot of fear to step out of conformity!

It can lead you to the road less travelled!

But there is nothing more rewarding than to listen to us and to life!

Our intuition is life speaking to us!

The more we trust and follow our intuition, the stronger this connection becomes.

The more we are open to receiving its message, the more we will receive them.

The more interested we are, the more it will be available for us.

This wisdom is irrational!

It does not come from our intellect.

Our intellect cannot understand infinite intelligence.

Intuition is beyond logic, as Osho said!

We should not analyze it.

We should not argue with it.

We should not fight it.

We should just follow our inner knowing!

Getting to know our mind is important to develop this connection.

Developing a quiet mind through meditation helps.

Being in a relaxed state of body and mind also helps.

But regardless if we practice meditation or relaxation, this information will find its way to our awareness.

It just helps and strengthens this connection if we meditate or take time to relax. It makes the information come in a gentler way!

We need every information available, especially when it comes to healing!

We need our reason from the left side of our brain.

We need our intuition from the right side of our brain.

Do you value your reason? Do you value your intuition?

Do you honour both aspects of yourself? ๐Ÿ’œ