Emotions are just energy in motion.

They last less than 90 seconds according to Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. The time it takes for the hormones released by our endocrine system to wash through our body and leave!



I grew up believing expressing my emotions was a sign of weakness.

I would not allow myself to express any anger. I was a good little.

We all heard the limiting beliefs that good girls don’t get mad and boys don’t cry!

I would not allow myself to feel any sadness.

Nothing could get to me. I would never cry.

I would never feel any joy, at least not when I was sober.

I believed there was no reason for joy anyway in this life.


Emotions are life in us. Our emotions flow through us.

When we observe a baby, we can see her experiencing a rainbow of emotions in a very short amount of time. One minute she is so angry. The next minute she is so sad. The next minute she is overjoyed. She is alive!


This is how we were before we got conditioned out of this natural way of being.

Our family, our culture and our society teaches us that emotions are not allowed!

If we look at monks or shamans, we see them expressing their emotions freely just like a child!


Emotions are energy in motion, just like the name implies: e-motion.

Not good, not bad: just energy!

All emotions just pass through us if we allow them.

If we don’t allow them to go through us, if we don’t express them, they will get stored in our body.

This will lower our vibration.

Repeatedly, in the long run, this can trigger an illness like MS!

Then our body will start to live in the past.

We will become the emotion. The emotion will become our identity.


Allowing our emotions to flow through us is an act of self-love.

Allowing Life in us is loving ourselves unconditionally.


What is your relationship with Life in you?

What are your beliefs regarding your emotions? 💜


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