Uncertainty versus Control

There is an important difference between uncertainty and control.

Uncertainty is life.

Uncertainty never ends.

Comfortable with uncertainty

The only thing we ever have any control of is our current thought, as Louise Hay says in her famous book You can heal your life”.

The only thing we can control is our inner state of being: our thoughts, which dictate our feelings.

The only thing we can control is ourselves.

We create our own inner weather, as Mary Morrissey says so beautifully.

We need to realize this.

We can create paradise in our mind. We can also create hell. We choose.

One summer, a few years ago, I was in my backyard in Montreal sunbathing.

One day I feel like my life is really a paradise.

The very next day I feel like my life is really a hell.

But nothing changed outside of me! Only my thoughts about my situation changed!

This drastic realization made me wonder about the power of my thoughts?!

We also have control of our reaction to whatever life brings to our doorstep, as Scientist Gregg Braden says so poetically.

We don’t create the weather. We don’t control life. Nothing is under control.

We certainly create our reaction to the weather and to life.

Gregg Braden teaches that the quantum field we live in is a mirror for what goes on inside us.

The quantum field is also the container in which reality unfolds.

It is also the bridge between you and me.

Our mind creates our body and our reality.

This is very hard to accept, especially when we hate what we unconsciously created!

We don’t want to hear we have anything to do with our disease and our life!

Our first reaction when we hear this is to feel guilty.

I certainty felt guilty for many years out of ignorance!

But I learned: “Knowledge is Power. A Lack of Knowledge is A Lack of Power”, as Dr. Bruce Lipton says.

We are not guilty nor victims. We are responsible co-creators.

If we move past this guilt, we can get to a place where we realize our responsibility. With responsibility comes great power!

This is huge. This changes everything!

We have the power to change from the inside out, as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, so that whatever we created, for instance MS, can be transformed into health!

This does not mean that we consciously create MS!

Not at all!! This is important!! We do not consciously create our disease!!

But we can take responsibility and create health!

This is when we remember to be kind and loving with ourselves.

We can be gentle with ourselves on the journey to change from the inside out.

We remember those wise words from Lao Tzu:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Do you know you can choose your thoughts? Do you know you are a powerful co-creator with life? 💜

Comfortable with uncertainty

Uncertainty is an ordinary fact of life.

Uncertainty is always present. Uncertainty never ends.

Only death is certain. Timing is uncertain.

Life is not more uncertain after a diagnosis of MS.

Such a circumstance can make us more aware of the uncertainty of life.

My life always seemed so certain!

But from birth onward there is really nothing certain about it!

I never knew! I had never been aware of this fact!

I had been living on autopilot before this diagnosis of MS!

When I was young I decided that my life was going to be very predictable!

I will be in control. I will control every aspect of it.

The first thing I began studying after I was diagnosed with MS is uncertainty.

When you receive such a diagnosis, uncertainty becomes very scary!

What is going to happen?

Most of us live in an illusion of security, of predictability, of control, of certainty.

We drown in our external life just to make sure we don’t get in touch with our inner life.

I began realizing the illusion I was living in: the illusion of control!

We resist this basic truth that life is uncertain.

We deny it with every fiber of our being.

We distract ourselves not to face this basic fact of life.

We spend a lot of energy trying to avoid uncertainty.

We work too much. We eat too much. We shop too much. We drink too much.

We use legal or illegal drugs. We gamble.

We are addicted to the people and places around us.

We do anything not to relate to life directly!

I understand! I was just like that!

I used to do most of these things so I would not feel being alive.

All these activities are not the problem.

They can become a problem when they keep us from relating to life directly.

I was blessed to come across one amazing book:

Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion by Pema Chödrön.

It is a jewel, a true gift! I recommend it to anyone!

This book is about meditation and Buddhist wisdom presented in such a gentle way!

We get comfortable with uncertainty by getting curious about ourselves and about life!

We get comfortable with uncertainty by realizing life is uncertain for everyone!

With this book I began learning what uncertainty really is.

Uncertainty is life.

Life is like nature! We all know the weather is uncertain!

I began to relax with things as they are.

It is very calming for the nervous system to learn to relax in the midst of uncertainty.

All we can do is learn to get comfortable with uncertainty.

We must find comfort in the uncertainty of reality said Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoché.

Can you observe that uncertainty is an ordinary fact of life? 💜