Liberate Limiting Emotions from the Body

Unexpressed emotions get stored in our body.

Feelings then become the means of thinking.

We start to think equal to those limited emotions.

It can seem impossible to think greater than how we feel.

These emotions become our identity. We become addicted to them!


When I started liberating my body by practicing the movements of this holistic bodywork approach, a lot of emotions were liberated!


Sometimes I would massage my feet and I would start laughing uncontrollably.

But nothing funny was actually happening.

All that was happening was me rolling a tennis ball under my foot.


Another time I would massage my buttocks and my hips.

The following days I would experience a lot of anger.

But nothing in my current reality was upsetting.


Another time still I would lie on my back on the floor with a cushion under my heart. Tears would start running down my face.

But nothing sad was happening to justify this sadness.


I realized that all those years of not expressing my emotions resulted in them being stored is my muscles.


My body had been living in the past, frozen in time.


Liberating all those stuck limiting emotions felt like my body was coming back in the present moment.


I found my body back.


I began to think differently as those limiting emotions were released.

It felt very liberating.


Changing our thinking is what allows us to change a health condition.

Liberating our body from old limiting emotions helps tremendously to think differently.


Traumatic limited emotions we feel repeatedly can trigger a disease like MS over time.


We have the limited emotions associated with survival and stress. These are doubt, fear, anger, hate, insecurity, worry, anxiety, impatience, judgment, resentment, frustration, competition, hostility, sadness, guilt, shame, depression and lust.


Elevated emotions we feel repeatedly can also trigger health over time.


These are gratitude, love, joy, care, compassion, inspiration, appreciation, peace, wholeness, trust, kindness, presence and empowerment.


It is crucial we find a way to release limiting emotions so it becomes easier to think greater than how we feel.


We can then start thinking empowering thoughts and feeling elevated emotions.


The new science of epigenetics tells us we are not victims of our genes.

It is our inner and outer environment that signals which gene will be express.

We can control our inner environment of thoughts and feelings.

We can choose to live in a life giving inner environment.

In doing so we activate health enhancing genes and we stop signaling genes for disease.


Please refer the book “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One” by Dr Joe Dispenza.


How is your inner environment?

You can spend your day loving and praising yourself. You can be grateful for every breath given to you! 💜

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No internet connection yesterday! What a mystery?

Sense of identity

Who am I?


My second relapse of MS clearly affected my cognitive abilities.

This time my memory was severely affected.

This left me unable to do my usual work. All my actuarial knowledge had been deleted from my memory!

This is when I knew that the life I knew had ended!

There was no more room for denial!


I had to stop working.

This was devastating to me for many many years!

I was really faced with what I was identifying myself with?


What we identify ourselves with consists of an endless list.


Who am I?

Am I my name?

Am I the daughter of this woman and this man?

Am I the friend of this person and that person?

Am I the wife of this man?

Am I a mother (ok that one does not apply to me: I don’t have kids)?

Am I my body?

Am I a woman?

Am I a Canadian or a Mauritanian?

Am I my thoughts and beliefs?

Am I the voice in my head?

Am I the emotion I am feeling right now?

Am I an emotion I memorized that is stored in my body?

Am I the story of my life?

Am I a disease or diagnosis?

And above all for me in this instance: am I my job?

Am I my title?

Am I my role?

Am I what I do?

Am I what I have?

Who am I beyond all those identities?


For many years I suffered from the loss of my identification with my job!

For so long I did not know who I was!


Through meditation, through education, through self-enquiry, self-reflection and self-study, I connected with the simple but profound joy of being!


I discovered that I did not need any identification to exist.




Just BEING is enough. I exist. That in itself is the miracle!

I started to feel grateful for the miracle of being alive!


From this, anything can be added.

I discovered a whole new way of life.

I use to want to have, then do, to finally maybe be.

Now I am learning to BE first, then DO, finally HAVE, even GIVE.


Who are you? What do you identify yourself with? 💜