Comfortable with uncertainty

Uncertainty is an ordinary fact of life.

Uncertainty is always present. Uncertainty never ends.

Only death is certain. Timing is uncertain.

Life is not more uncertain after a diagnosis of MS.

Such a circumstance can make us more aware of the uncertainty of life.

My life always seemed so certain!

But from birth onward there is really nothing certain about it!

I never knew! I had never been aware of this fact!

I had been living on autopilot before this diagnosis of MS!

When I was young I decided that my life was going to be very predictable!

I will be in control. I will control every aspect of it.

The first thing I began studying after I was diagnosed with MS is uncertainty.

When you receive such a diagnosis, uncertainty becomes very scary!

What is going to happen?

Most of us live in an illusion of security, of predictability, of control, of certainty.

We drown in our external life just to make sure we don’t get in touch with our inner life.

I began realizing the illusion I was living in: the illusion of control!

We resist this basic truth that life is uncertain.

We deny it with every fiber of our being.

We distract ourselves not to face this basic fact of life.

We spend a lot of energy trying to avoid uncertainty.

We work too much. We eat too much. We shop too much. We drink too much.

We use legal or illegal drugs. We gamble.

We are addicted to the people and places around us.

We do anything not to relate to life directly!

I understand! I was just like that!

I used to do most of these things so I would not feel being alive.

All these activities are not the problem.

They can become a problem when they keep us from relating to life directly.

I was blessed to come across one amazing book:

Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion by Pema Chödrön.

It is a jewel, a true gift! I recommend it to anyone!

This book is about meditation and Buddhist wisdom presented in such a gentle way!

We get comfortable with uncertainty by getting curious about ourselves and about life!

We get comfortable with uncertainty by realizing life is uncertain for everyone!

With this book I began learning what uncertainty really is.

Uncertainty is life.

Life is like nature! We all know the weather is uncertain!

I began to relax with things as they are.

It is very calming for the nervous system to learn to relax in the midst of uncertainty.

All we can do is learn to get comfortable with uncertainty.

We must find comfort in the uncertainty of reality said Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoché.

Can you observe that uncertainty is an ordinary fact of life? 💜

Heart-Brain Coherence

We can purposefully connect with our intuition.

Practicing heart-brain coherence allows us to do so.

Heart-brain coherence is deep intuition on demand!

It is said that the longest journey we will ever take is from our head to our heart!

I began that journey! I was all in my head! I thought my heart was my greatest weakness. I am learning to tap into my greatest power: my heart!

There is actually a little brain in the heart! The heart possesses its own intrinsic nervous system, containing over 40 000 sensory neurons. The magnetic field emitted from our heart is stronger than the one from our head!

Our brain and our heart are constantly communicating with each other. This is a two-way communication: through the vagus nerve and through the spinal cord. We can learn to make them work together by harmonizing them.

There are three steps required to practice heart-brain coherence:

#1 Move our attention from our head to our heart!

To make sure we really move our awareness to our heart and not just think about it, we physically touch our heart center. We can do that by:

  • putting the palm of our hand on our heart, or
  • putting our hands together in prayer pose with our thumbs touching our chest, or
  • putting a finger on our chest.

This turns our attention inward.

#2 Practice slow deep rhythmic breathing through our heart area by:

  • inhaling for the count of 5;
  • exhaling for the count of 5.

This tells our body we are safe. It activates our parasympathetic nervous system and awakens the healing life-giving chemistry for more than 13 000 bio-chemicals of our immune system, our cardiovascular system and our anti-aging hormones.

#3 Generate a feeling of care, appreciation, gratitude or compassion for anything or anyone.

Once we establish this harmonized connection between our heart and our brain, now is the time to ask a question to the wisdom of your heart and to access our deepest truth.

First we listen to the answer. The answer could be a sensation in our body or words we hear or whatever else for you. I get a voice inside, or shivers in my body.

Then we honour this wisdom by following it.

We can practice anytime: morning, night, before an important conversation, when we want to show some love to our body, and more. Practicing for only 3 minutes produces benefits that can last for up to six hours!

Heart-brain coherence not only allows us to tune into our intuitionIt also allows us to tap into our creativity and our resilience to change. It also enables us to access our subconscious mind.

I learned this way of practicing with Gregg Braden, a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, on his blog:

and on his interview on the Hay House World Summit 2017:

This scientific institute helps us all reconnect with our heart

Are you connected to your deepest truth? 💜

Follow your intuition!

It is essential we listen to our intuition. But to listen is not enough.

Listen to your intuition!

We need to follow our intuition.

To follow our intuition is no easy step. It certainly was not for me!!

It takes tremendous courage to follow our intuition.

It is a challenge to go against our own reason and against other people’s opinion.

I had to educate myself to learn the value of following my intuition.

It sure spoke to me, through my body, through a voice inside, through my environment.

I am learning to listen to life speaking to me.

I am learning to listen to me.

Our intuition could be the opposite of what our rational mind would think.

Our intuition could also be the opposite of what our conditioning would think: our family, our culture, our society.

It can be really scary to step into the unknown!

It can generate a lot of fear to step out of conformity!

It can lead you to the road less travelled!

But there is nothing more rewarding than to listen to us and to life!

Our intuition is life speaking to us!

The more we trust and follow our intuition, the stronger this connection becomes.

The more we are open to receiving its message, the more we will receive them.

The more interested we are, the more it will be available for us.

This wisdom is irrational!

It does not come from our intellect.

Our intellect cannot understand infinite intelligence.

Intuition is beyond logic, as Osho said!

We should not analyze it.

We should not argue with it.

We should not fight it.

We should just follow our inner knowing!

Getting to know our mind is important to develop this connection.

Developing a quiet mind through meditation helps.

Being in a relaxed state of body and mind also helps.

But regardless if we practice meditation or relaxation, this information will find its way to our awareness.

It just helps and strengthens this connection if we meditate or take time to relax. It makes the information come in a gentler way!

We need every information available, especially when it comes to healing!

We need our reason from the left side of our brain.

We need our intuition from the right side of our brain.

Do you value your reason? Do you value your intuition?

Do you honour both aspects of yourself? 💜

Listen to your intuition!

Intuition is a mental and spiritual faculty we all possess.

It is our inner guidance system.

It is our connection to our soul. Our soul connects us to infinite intelligence.

First it is essential we recognize this precious gift we all have.

We learn to listen to the messages we get.

This inner guidance can come in many different forms:

  • It comes often as a little voice inside: the voice of our heart coming from the right side of our brain;
  • It can come as an image;
  • It can come as a physical sensation in our body;
  • It can come in a dream;
  • It can come as a synchronicity;
  • We can practice heart-brain coherence to activate it;
  • We can use oracles, like the tarot, to access this guidance;
  • We can also use signs in nature or the world around us to tap into it.

I had no idea whatsoever I had such a faculty!

I was in the prison of my rational mind, my left brain.

Nothing outside this prison existed for me.

The first time I heard my intuition was when the whole left side of my body paralyzed! This is when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Sadly I did not know that my body could speak to me so I tried to ignore it!

The second time my intuition spoke to me was a little after my body yelled.

I was in a support group for people diagnosed with MS and I heard myself say:

“This diagnosis could be a wake up call to help us find the treasure inside!”

Sadly I was not open to any irrational messages so I did not listen to me!

The third time my intuition tried to get my attention was through a neighbour at work in the same period of my life. She told me her minister had healed himself of MS. She even sent me an audio of him sharing his experience.

Sadly nothing outside the prison of my rational mind existed for me so I ignored this message too!

This inner guidance is always loving.

It is for our greater good and the greater good of all.

We need to recognize this wisdom available for us! We need to listen!

In her book “Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself”, Dr. Lissa Rankin calls our intuition our Inner Pilot Light!

In her book “Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility”, Colette Baron Reid calls our intuition our FIRST sense!

Two beautiful and empowering books I recommend!

Much gratitude for the teachings of Marie Lise Labonté and Mary Morrissey to help me recognize and understand this gift I have!

Do you know you have access to a wisdom far greater than your own limited logic?

Are you willing to listen to the wisdom of your intuition? 💜